Why Costco Is One Of My Favorite Places In San Francisco

I’m not being facetious.

From my observations over the past 11 months in SF, Costco is the most diverse place in the city from most standpoints (socioeconomic, race, etc). It’s more about behavior than demographics, with everyone there for the same thing I am:

A good deal. Bang for your buck. Value and quality at an affordable price. However you say it, it all makes my heart skip a beat.

From the well-groomed young white couple peering at the gluten-free, organic foodstuffs’ labeling for a dinner party to the Chinese family of five flipping through the book aisle (child in Cantonese: “Mom pleeeaaaseeee, this is really very educational!”) to the scruffy young intern stocking up on boxes of beer for a tech accelerator…

It’s nice.