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The Lovable, Random Absurdity That Is China Encapsulated In A Buzzfeed Story

I know, I can’t believe this blog post title either.

But really, you give this story “How I Became A Minor Celebrity In China (After My Stolen Phone Ended Up There)” to anyone familiar with China and ask them how surprised they are that the chain of events happened the way they did.

Of course this story went viral, of course there was a positive human flesh search engine twist that resulted in 60 million Chinese netizens reading about this on social media, and of course there were adorably funny Shiba Inu emoticons.

This story is so typical China, I love it!

Aw China, I do miss you.

*Sidenote – nice unintended consequence for Facebook and Twitter with all the Chinese netizens braving the great firewall (both sites are blocked in China) to sign up for the services, eh? ;)



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