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San Francisco Subway’s Warning To Teens

I have a slight obsession with signage on public transit systems, probably because I grew up constantly navigating unfamiliar ones. So the first time I saw this sign on the San Francisco subway system, I was immediately intrigued.

When wondering what led to the creation of this penal code, I conjured up images of teenagers merrily running around, spray painting and marking up subway trains. 

Reading the penal code, it seems unfair…and/or an indication of how bad the situation must have been, or perceived to have been. The teens don’t even need to be doing anything with the spray paint or markers – just having them is against the law.

I wonder what kind of graffiti was created and who were the people behind them? Who were the people behind the penal code, and what kinds of conflict and enforcement had to follow, if it did come to that?

I love the stories that come to mind when you read these random signs around a city. 

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