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A Different Perspective: Hospital Signage

Queen Mary Hospital, Hong Kong

I get very, very happy about good, universally accessible signage in public places like airports, trains, roads, etc. On the flip side, I get very, very upset by bad signage and god knows there’s a lot of it.*

So when I took my mother to the hospital in Hong Kong, I was pleasantly surprised by these directional lines on the floor. I quickly and easily followed the green line to the pharmacy desk (navigating through several hospital wings) to pick up her medication. It made me happy, because as we all know, anything that makes the hospital experience betterĀ is a blessing.

IMG_7561Waiting in line at the pharmacy desk

*PS – Please hire me to do usability research and testing on signage if you representĀ an airport, train, subway, or road. PLEASE. I would get giddy from excitement.

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