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Why User Experience Is So Desperately Needed To Boost Health Literacy

Why user experience research and design (obviously including amazing content people) is so desperately needed in boosting health literacy:

“Experts also point to another factor behind dropping or losing coverage: confusion.

Some who signed up for coverage this year lost it within months because they did not understand what information they had to supply or even that they were required to make monthly payments, according to counselors who help people enroll in marketplace plans.

“I’ve looked at these letters and said, ‘O.K., I have a bachelor’s degree and I wouldn’t understand this, either,’ ” Ms. Rogers said. “It’s just not worded clearly.”

                                                                                    – The New York Times

I completely empathize. I’m finishing up a master’s of science right now, and any letter or message from my healthcare provider means I’m going to be dialing their hotline or asking a friend for clarification. As someone with a content background, it’s a bit of a pet peeve – use lovely, succinct, plain English, please!

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