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How Can UX Help?

- The New York Times

“So every weeknight, the siblings stood outside the low-slung school, sometimes for hours, to complete homework for the sixth grade.”

“Yunuen Reyes, 17, a high school senior in Pharr, does not have Internet at home and typically has three hours of homework a day that require research and collaboration with classmates online. Some assignments and take-home exams are due by midnight and must be submitted over the web.”

“The school district has put Wi-Fi on more than 100 school buses to help students who do not have access at home, and Perla relies on school bus rides — nearly three hours a day — to finish homework. I could go home on a shorter bus route, but I want to get A’s,” Perla said.”

^I commute 3 hours every day to Google for work. I rarely work on the bus because I get incredibly nauseous – and I know lots of people who do as well. It’s great that the wifi on the bus option exists, but what other equally useful “bandaid” solutions (whilst the slow, long march to better regulatory solutions continue) can the UX community help think up in conjunction with the kids and educators?




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