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Hong Kongers really care about Whatsapp

This is on┬ádisplay at 1010, one of Hong Kong’s top phone service providers.

My 64 and 65 year old parents cited this specific service as a big reason for choosing to purchase a phone from 1010.

They use Whatsapp to stay in touch with their friends, also in their 60s, as well as the rest of our family, ranging from 20 to 50 year olds.

My mother even uses it with her vegetable seller at the wet market (at his request!) to chat about what’s fresh today, how much she wants to order, when is a good time to come by, etc. It’s pretty amazing. :)

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    • Yes, I use Whatsapp MUCH more than I use Facebook. I have a family chat, sisters chat, numerous friends group chat…all on top of active individual chats. I’m not sure if that’s mainly a byproduct of Facebook being banned in China though, and me carrying that on to the US.

      I do use Facebook much more in San Francisco but find it too distracting. Besides the great wormhole news articles that my friends post, I just don’t feel great after I use it; it’s not meaningful, like my conversations on Whatsapp. I liken it to flipping through MTV – entertaining, but mind numbing. As a result, I’ve deleted Facebook off my phone a couple months back. :)

      How do you use Whatsapp?